1. I just paid my order, I haven't received any notifications yet, why?

We received all of your orders, don't worry. We'll notify you once the package is ready to ship, normally D+1 after payment on weekdays.


2. Can I pay with e-Wallet?

Definitely. We accept major kinds of e-Wallets in Indonesia such as ShopeePay, OVO, DANA, Link Aja, etc.


3. Which shipping courier are you using?

In Indonesia we use J&T, for International shipping we use POS EKSPOR by POS INDONESIA.

And we ship every D+1 order, Monday to Friday. 


4. Do you have express shipping option?

Unfortunately, no.



5. How's the fit on the bikini bottoms?

For Dama Strappy Bikini Bottoms the fit is cheeky, not as cheeky as thong but not full coverage.

For Palmer Bikini Bottoms the fit is just slightly cheeky although it features a high cut on the hip.


6. Are the bikinis padded?

Our bikinis are not padded although, they are double lined so still have medium coverage.