Get to Know KINKEE

Hi there


I'm Karina, womenswear designer from Bali, Indonesia.


You'd probably thinking "why am I here" or "what the f is this" but that's okay. I believe you're gonna read this until the end.

At least I hope so.


So, this is actually a love story. Yes, love story. I am in love with sewing. Been sewing for my whole life, sewing this sewing that, with machine or just by hands. It really makes me travel into my own world and never been disappointed with the destination. I just love the thought of making people look good and feel good.

Living in Bali makes me spend half of my life in swimwear. I pair my bikini tops with any bottoms that I have a lot. Like, A LOT. It's really easy when you could find the versatile bikini top that really hugs your body really well. It's like you found your soul mate or "body mate" in this case LOL.

Okay, enough with my dad jokes.

I just want you to know that I want you to look good and feel good.